Klowns inspired by Invisible Akkadians


Black Magic

A place for the discussion of all things black magic related.

Eight Colours: Death Magic.

Eight Colours Opposite: Purple magic.

Cybermorphic Kaosphere Opposite: Purple magic. [1]

Cybermorphic Kaosphere Root: Air magic.

Stage of Alchemical Great Work: The Nigredo

Planet: Saturn (also Pluto)

Metal: Lead

Sephiroth: Binah (also Da’ath)

Chakra: There is no chakra associated with the colour black, however the base chakra, Malhadara (traditionally coloured Red), is associated with the planet Saturn.

See also: 777 correspondence table for Black and Death.


Age, limitation, time. (via Saturn)

Death, the dead, necromancy, ancestors, the underworld. (via Pluto)



Consider working with deities and spirits of the underworld, such as Hades, Persephone, Pluto, Proserpina, Ereskigal, Yama, Ghede, Baron Samedi and Mamam Brigitte.

Consider working with psychopomp deities and spirits, such as Hermes, Hekate, Anubis, Mercury, Ningizida, Chiron.

Consider myths of journeys through the underworld, and dying and resurrecting gods and goddesses. The descent of Inanna. The black sun. Kephri. Ra, Set and Apophis. Orpheus. Dionysus. The death and resurrection of Osiris.